Growing up, Athena was my favorite Greek goddess. I know how that sounds, so very nerdy and yet sweet. Welcome to my childhood. I dressed up as Athena for Halloween and no one had a clue who I was dressed as. I loved Athena because she was smart but also a badass. Goddess of wisdom, crafting, and also of war. She was everything I wanted to be, and am!

I also loved the story of how she came into this world. The result of a tryst between Zeus and Metis, when Zeus learned of her impending birth, he tricked Metis with a game of transformation. As they transformed into various creatures, she soon transformed into a fly and just like that – he swallowed her, with Athena in utero. When Metis was ready to deliver, Zeus experienced immense pain, like a migraine, and Hephaestus had to crack his head open so he could birth Athena. The image of Athena emerging fully grown and armed to the nines, giving out an Amazonian war cry just thrilled my socks off!

Zeus feared any child with Metis would be smarter than him and boy was he right! Athena was not only wise but creative and had major skills at war strategy. She was not to be messed with and once she was born, Zeus himself couldn’t help but be impressed.

Welcome to the world, kiddo! You’re my virgin birth badass goddess and I love you!!!

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