Athena the Victor

#adviceforathena write, and if you’re not writing, get ready to write.

Athena the Victor

2012 by Irina Lives

Athena the victor

Daughter of Zeus and Metis

Metis the goddess of craftiness

A Titaness with the tightest ass

Zeus himself could not resist

He chased her with haste

And soon her waist grew

Zeus knew should she bare a girl

That he’d no longer be number one in the world

And so a game he created

Metis gladly participated

They played and shifted shapes

And sizes, when Metis turned into a fly

Zeus sucked her in and swallowed her

Oh my, that guy

Thought his mama baby drama was over

But one night Zeus lost his composure

Brought to his knees

By Metis’ pregnancy

Athena the victor

Emerged full grown

From her father’s forehead

Emerged full grown

A goddess of wisdom and warfare

Emerged full grown

An owl perched on her shoulder

Emerged full grown

Victory close at hand

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